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About Us

Stea Telematica is a company dedicated to communications over the Internet, offering services for Internet users worldwide.
The company's goal is to facilitate a complete combination of services, from the basic needs to the formalization of the operation.
The services offered by Stea Telematica are mainly based on cloud services and high traffic services such as broadcasting (video transmission over the Internet, videoconferencing, etc.).

STEA Telematica

STEA Telematica is an innovative development company specialized in the introduction of emerging technologies in the live video broadcasting sectors. Our technology solutions provide anyone with the means to deliver live video streaming in a real-time interactive environment through our consortium of video streaming, security and data management systems.
We strongly believe in solid regulatory systems that ensure integrity and effective practices, and continue to promote the enormous benefits that regulatory oversight provides.

Defining the problem:

In the early 1990s, with the evolution of graphical tools for network use, the rise of what we now know as the Internet began. This growth caused the emergence of a new user profile in all sectors, not only in the economy but also in the daily life of each person.



Video communication that allows users to achieve their go



Our mission is to develop a cloud service focused on users that allows them to have a real-time experience that improves the quality and efficiency of their communications.



Community, teamwork



Make all users happy

Make online meetings fast and easy to use, so that people can work productively wherever and however they want.


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